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Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on the design, production, sales and service of the various cryogenic liquid pumps in the industrial gases and gas industry. The company has strong technical and advanced production equipment. It has a group of senior designers and excellent employees specializing in the design and manufacture of gas and gas equipment.Now the company is professional China Pump Skid/Pump Truck Factory and Pump Skid/Pump Truck company in China. Our Main Products: L-CNG High Pressure Reciprocating Pump、LNG Submersible Pump、Industrial Gas Filling Pump、Cryogenic Centrifugal Pump、Cryogenic Liquid Vaporizer、 LNG/L-CNG Skid Equipment、Vehicle-Mounted High Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Pump Skid (Pump Truck)、Industrial Gases Pressure Regulator Device Systems and other products.


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What are the design considerations for cryogenic centrifugal pumps, and how do they affect performance?

Design considerations for cryogenic centrifugal pump involve several key factors that affect their performance. Here are some important considerations: Low-temperature compatibili...

Cryogenic liquid pump installation precautions

1. The pipe diameter of the liquid inlet/return gas pipeline must be ≥ the diameter of the liquid inlet/gas return pipe of the cryogenic liquid pump, and it must have good insulati...

How do cryogenic centrifugal pumps compare to other types of pumps?

Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are specifically designed to handle and transfer cryogenic fluids, which are substances at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C (-238°F). ...

What are the safety considerations associated with handling cryogenic fluids in centrifugal pumps, and how are they managed?

Handling cryogenic fluids in centrifugal pumps can pose several safety considerations that must be managed to ensure safe and efficient operation. Cryogenic fluids, such as liquid ...

What are some common maintenance issues with cryogenic centrifugal pumps, and how are they resolved?

Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are designed to handle extremely low temperatures and are commonly used in various industries for the transfer of liquefied gases, such as liquid nitrog...

The 24th China International Natural Gas Vehicle & Vessel Fueling Station Exhibition

Time:2023.4.27-29 Venue:Beijing. China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall)

What materials are typically used in cryogenic centrifugal pumps, and why are they chosen?

Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are designed to handle extremely low-temperature fluids such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. The materials used in cryogenic centrifugal pumps mu...

What are the applications of cryogenic centrifugal pumps, and why are they important?

Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are pumps specifically designed to handle extremely cold fluids, typically below -150°C. These pumps have several applications in various industries, in...

What is a cryogenic centrifugal pump, and how does it work?

A cryogenic centrifugal pump is a type of pump that is designed to transfer cryogenic fluids, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquid nitrogen, at extremely low temperatures....

What problems are encountered during the use of liquid dewar cylinder?

Liquid dewar cylinders are commonly used for the storage and transportation of cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. While they are generally safe and relia...

Why LNG become so important?

Russia has slashed supplies of natural gas to Europe Because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, forcing countries to find alternative sources of energy. Many countries are...

Netherlands eyes new LNG terminals from 2024

The Netherlands is examining establishing new LNG terminals from 2024 onwards after it reported ‘virtually’ no Russian gas was now entering the country via pipelines. The gas stor...

Industry knowledge

What is a pump skid?
A pump skid is a self-contained unit that typically includes one or more pumps, a motor or engine to drive the pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation, and other related equipment. Pump skids are commonly used in industrial applications where liquids or gases need to be transported or moved between different locations or systems.
The skid provides a modular and portable platform that can be easily transported and installed at the site where it is needed. Pump skids are commonly used in the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, power plants, and water treatment facilities, among other applications.
Pump skids can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a particular application, and can be designed to handle a wide range of fluids, pressures, and flow rates. They can also be equipped with various safety features to ensure that they operate reliably and safely.

What is a pump truck?
A pump truck, also known as a pallet jack or pallet truck, is a piece of material handling equipment used to lift and move pallets or skids. It is commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial environments to move heavy loads efficiently and safely.
A typical pump truck consists of a pair of forks or blades that can slide under a pallet, and a hydraulic lifting system that can raise the pallet a few inches off the ground. The operator then uses a lever or handle to manually pump the hydraulic system, which raises the pallet to a desired height for transport. The pump truck is then moved by the operator pushing or pulling it, with the pallet raised off the ground.
Pump trucks come in different sizes and weight capacities, and can be manual or electrically powered. Manual pump trucks are more common and are usually less expensive than electric ones, but require more physical effort from the operator. Electric pump trucks use a motor to lift and move the pallets, which makes them easier to operate but more expensive.

What is the purpose of the pump truck?
A pump truck, also known as a concrete pump or concrete boom pump, is a machine used in construction for transferring liquid concrete from a mixing truck or batch plant to the site where it will be used. The purpose of a pump truck is to make the process of pouring and placing concrete faster, more efficient, and more precise than traditional methods of manually transporting and pouring concrete.
The pump truck consists of a hydraulic pump and a boom arm, which can be extended to reach the desired location. The pump draws the liquid concrete from the mixing truck or batch plant and pumps it through the boom arm to the precise location where it is needed. The pump truck is commonly used in construction projects that require large volumes of concrete, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and tunnels.
In addition to saving time and increasing efficiency, the use of a pump truck also allows for greater control over the placement of the concrete, which can help ensure that it is evenly distributed and properly consolidated. This can help to reduce the likelihood of future cracking or settling in the concrete structure.

What is the purpose of the pump skid?
A pump skid is a pre-engineered package that includes one or more pumps, along with all necessary piping, valves, and instrumentation, mounted on a single skid for ease of installation and operation. The purpose of a pump skid is to simplify the process of pumping fluids from one location to another in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water treatment, and chemical processing.
The main advantages of a pump skid include:
Efficiency: Pump skids are designed to optimize the pumping process, making it faster, more efficient, and more reliable.
Cost-effective: A pump skid eliminates the need for separate procurement and installation of pumps, pipes, and valves, reducing the overall cost of the system.
Easy to install: Pump skids are pre-assembled and tested before shipping, reducing installation time and eliminating the need for extensive on-site construction.
Compact: A pump skid is designed to take up less space than a traditional pump system, making it ideal for installations where space is limited.
Customizable: Pump skids can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as the type of fluid being pumped, the flow rate, and the pressure.
A pump skid is a convenient, cost-effective, and efficient solution for pumping fluids in various industries.