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LNG cryogenic submersible pump

Cryogenic submersible pump

As the main power equipment of LNG filling station, LNG submersible pump is mainly used for pressurization of liquefied natural gas in LNG filling stations, and the vehicle-mounted LNG Dewar is filled with liquefied natural gas through the LNG dispenser.
At present, the LNG submersible pump used in the gas station usually adopts the structure of two-stage, three-stage, four-stage/vertical, centrifugal pump, which has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight and reliable performance. The whole body is put into the pump pool, there is no dynamic seal, and the sealing reliability is high.
Submersible pump consists of a low-temperature submersible motor, a low-temperature bearing, a main shaft, an impeller, a guide vane, an inducer, and a casing. When the whole is immersed in a low temperature medium. The motor is a customized low temperature constant torque variable frequency motor. The material selection and processing technology of all parts of the submersible pump are carefully designed to fully ensure the compatibility and safety of the medium. The supporting pump pool is a vacuum insulation container. In order to ensure the normal operation of the submersible pump, it is generally equipped with a liquid inlet pipe, a liquid outlet pipe, a gas return pipe, a vent pipe, a residual liquid discharge pipe, a safety valve, a cable interface, a temperature sensor, a liquid Bit sensor and other interfaces.

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  • Suitable Media: LNG、LN2、LAr

    Scope of Application:
    LNG natural gas station、LNG receiving stations
    Filling of  LNG dewar bottles
    LNG liquefaction plant tanker filling
    Transport、delivery of LNG
    LNG zero leakage environment

    Main Technical Parameters:
    Flow: 2m3/h-25 m3/h
    Head: 1 5m-450m
    Rotating speed: 1000-6000r/min

    Optional Configuration:
    Immersed pump pool
    PLC control system


    Customized with drawings and samples


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Huzhou Baihui Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd is famous China LNG cryogenic submersible pump Manufacturers and Wholesale LNG cryogenic submersible pump suppliers. Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on the design, production, sales and service of the various cryogenic liquid pumps in the industrial gases and gas industry. The company has strong technical and advanced production equipment. It has a group of senior designers and excellent employees specializing in the design and manufacture of gas and gas equipment.

Our company is willing to "integrity, innovation, pragmatic, win-win" spirit of enterprise, adhering to create value for users, reduce operating costs of development philosophy! We will wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with high-quality and low-cost products and considerate services, and join hands with our customers to create a better future.


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