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How to thaw the carburetor quickly


How to thaw the air heated gasifier quickly?

Air heated gasifier is a machine and equipment that uses the natural heat convection of gas to heat the ultra-low temperature liquid in the heat transfer tube to volatilize the ultra-low temperature liquid into air. The facility is a thermal equipment with high efficiency and low energy consumption. However, the gas temperature carburetor is very sensitive to the working temperature, so there must be a variety of guarantee systems for temperature control. Whether the temperature is too high or too low, it must be observed and prevented.

In severe winter, the air temperature vaporizer is very easy to produce snow and frost. Because the air temperature vaporizer originally needs external heating capacity, it is very bad for machinery and equipment in winter. If the temperature is too low, it will be very inconvenient and easy to make full use of its advantages. Therefore, when the temperature is low, the air temperature gasifier must be carried out quickly. Unfreeze the actual operation.

Generally speaking, because we have a faster grasp of the performance of the air temperature carburetor, machines and equipment will be reserved during setting. Machinery and equipment with large vaporization capacity should be adopted. In case of severe frosting, please use another machine to work first and try to defrost the frosting machine and equipment. In fact, when the temperature carburetor freezes, it is difficult to eliminate this kind of freezing condition. Due to the low temperature, the relative humidity of air will be very high. Once the environmental humidity is high, it is difficult to prevent the freezing condition on the carburetor surface.

Therefore, the most important protection measures should be taken for the frost of air temperature gasifier. In winter, the machinery and equipment shall be stored in the room as far as possible, cleaned on time, and some auxiliary facilities shall be used to complete heating, so as to prevent the operation of indoor air temperature air conditioning evaporator.

What suggestions does the vaporizer manufacturer have on how to maintain the gas tank?

Vaporizer is a machine and equipment that heats liquefied petroleum gas to vaporization. The heating method can also be indirect or simultaneous. Workers in industrial production industry or gas field should understand that gas tank is an application form of carburetor and should be maintained in daily application. Only effective maintenance can make the service life of the facilities longer and more efficient.

In the process of making liquefied gas cylinders, the staff shall regularly maintain the pressure regulating valve of liquefied gas cylinders, because the pressure regulating valve is the main accessory to avoid the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas. Regular maintenance can avoid leakage of liquefied gas cylinders, or prohibit cylinders from being close to open fire to avoid major accidents such as explosion accidents.

Secondly, those that do not use liquefied gas cylinders shall not be placed in daily living places and public places, nor shall they be exposed to the sun, otherwise it is very easy to cause explosion and other risks. The working temperature of liquefied gas cylinder shall not be higher than 35 ℃.

If the worker must actually operate and transport the carburetor, collision shall be avoided in the whole process of logistics transportation, because there is a certain working pressure in the liquefied gas cylinder. If there is a serious external impact, it is very easy to cause risk. Therefore, the stability test shall be carried out on time before storing or transporting liquefied gas cylinders to ensure that there will be no safety risk.