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What are the applicable places of water bath vaporizer

Various industries use water bath vaporizers to heat up liquefied gas and make it suitable for a particular application. Water bath vaporizers are a special type of coil-wound heat exchanger. They are used in chemical laboratories, cryogenic plants, and petrochemical plants for the treatment of liquefied gases. These devices have been employed in various industries because they are highly reliable and can handle different liquefied gas vaporization processes.
Water bath vaporizers are manufactured in a number of types. They include indirect-fired water baths, steam-heated water baths, and warm water bath vaporizers. Steam-heated water bath vaporizers are constructed from stainless steel and are often used for higher flows. Depending on the size of the vaporizer, a liquid pump may be required to provide pressure to the inlet of the vaporizer.
Steam-heated water bath vaporizers are usually used in the chemical industry. They use steam lances to inject steam into the water bath and develop heat to vaporize the liquefied gas. The vessel is typically insulated on the top and sides. It also includes controls for the main product coil and a PB coil. This device is equipped with an operating temperature switch, which monitors the water temperature. It also incorporates precious metal contacts for long service life. It is also equipped with a gas control valve inside a protective dry cabinet.
Water bath vaporizers are used in chemical laboratories, cryogenic plants, and petrochemical plants. They are also used in the food and beverage industry. They have a compact design and are insulated on the top and sides. They are also equipped with a circulating pump to maintain the heat transfer fluid at an even temperature. They are also able to vaporize up to three different liquefied gases in a single unit. They are also equipped with a gas control valve and an operating temperature switch.
The heat exchanger of water bath vaporizers is commonly made of aluminum, which allows for the heat transfer process to be completed through heat exchange. The coiled pipe spacing of the heat exchanger plays a vital role in affecting the flow velocity and temperature of the water. The vaporizing tube bundle of the water bath vaporizer is manufactured to conform to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. It is also equipped with integral heat exchange vanes that provide efficient vaporization with minimal burner input.

Water bath vaporizer

Water bath vaporizer is a device that vaporizes the low-temperature liquid gas into a gaseous gas through heat exchange between hot water and low-temperature liquid gas. It is suitable for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, etc.
Suitable Media: LO2、LN2、 LAr. LNG、LCO2、LNH3、 LC2H4、LN2O、 LC3H8、LPG