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What are the troubleshooting methods for cryogenic liquid pumps

1. After the pump is started, the outlet pressure is not up to standard
The main reasons may be: the direction of rotation of the impeller does not match; there is gas in the pump; there is a blockage in the suction line. The main corresponding treatment methods are: reverse the two-phase wiring of the motor input line; continue cooling, and open the air release valve or adjust the pressure of the sealing gas; clean and blow the pipeline.
2. The head or flow of the pump is insufficient
The main reasons may be: impeller or pipeline silting, or excessive gas entering the pump due to excessive sealing pressure. The main corresponding treatment methods are: clean the impeller or pipeline blockage; adjust the sealing gas pressure to reduce the gas in the pump.
3. The liquid cannot be sucked up, indicating that the pressure fluctuates violently
The main reasons may be: the pipeline valve is not opened, or the pipeline resistance is large; the pipeline leaks. The main corresponding treatment methods are: open or clean the pipeline; repair pipeline leaks.
4. The motor temperature rises
The main reasons include: The labyrinth seal has scratches. The main corresponding treatment method is to go to the electrician repair shop to adjust the gap so that the labyrinth seal is in good condition.
5. Sudden stop and poor sealing
The main reasons may be poor heat insulation layer; stuck inside the bearing; insufficient sealing gas volume. The main corresponding treatment methods are: drying, installing a solid insulation layer; cleaning or replacing the bearing; increasing the sealing air volume.
6. Vibration or noise occurs
The main reasons may be: the fuselage and the rotor are not concentric; the pump inlet and outlet pressure are too low or other reasons cause cavitation; the moving parts and the fixed parts have friction; the rotor parts rotate. The main corresponding treatment methods are: adjusting the concentricity of the fuselage and the rotor; adjusting the inlet and outlet pressure of the pump, deflate correction; mechanical maintenance and adjustment.

Cryogenic centrifugal pump

Centrifugal cryogenic liquid pumps are mainly used for the transportation of cryogenic liquids (liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquefied natural gas) between storage tanks and between storage tanks and tankers. It can greatly shorten the liquid delivery time and reduce liquid waste. At the same time, the centrifugal cryogenic liquid pump has been widely used in various air separation devices.
The Centrifugal cryogenic liquid pump produced by our company has many advantages, such as compact structure, smooth operation, long life, low noise, and convenient maintenance. Its excellent performance and reasonable price have been well received by users at home and abroad, and it has become the best choice to replace imported products.