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Air temperature vaporizer

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Air temperature vaporizer is mainly composed of star-shaped vaporizing tube fins, liquid and gas guide tubes, bases, brackets, inlet and outlet joints, etc.
The star-shaped vaporization tube fin material is made of LF rust-proof aluminum alloy, which has good vaporization effect, strong durability, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance.
All parts are made of high performance aluminum alloy and stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The high pressure connection between the stainless steel core tube and the fin is close. Before leaving the factory, all the products are blown dry according to the oxygen standard to ensure the quality of the products and make the use safer.
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  • Suitable Media: LO2、LN2、LAr、LNG、LCO2、LNH3、LC2H4、LN2O、LC3H8、LPG

    Scope of Application:
    The vaporization of the liquids above

    Main Technical Parameters:
    Flux of unit set: 50-16000Nm3/h
    Work pressure: 0.8MPa-40.0MPa

    Performance characteristics:
    No energy consumption, no pollution, green and environmental protection
    Easy to install and maintain
    Special aluminum heat exchange, high efficiency, lightweight design, long service life
    Adequate design margin
    Advanced high pressure tube composite technology, so that the pressure tube and heat exchange tube 100% full contact, to ensure the efficiency of heat exchange.
    All the vaporizer’s manufacturing and cleaning are according to the standard of oxygen service ,which is much safer for usage


    Customized with drawings and samples


Huzhou Baihui Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd

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Huzhou Baihui Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd is famous China Air temperature vaporizer Manufacturers and Wholesale Air temperature vaporizer suppliers. Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on the design, production, sales and service of the various cryogenic liquid pumps in the industrial gases and gas industry. The company has strong technical and advanced production equipment. It has a group of senior designers and excellent employees specializing in the design and manufacture of gas and gas equipment.

Our company is willing to "integrity, innovation, pragmatic, win-win" spirit of enterprise, adhering to create value for users, reduce operating costs of development philosophy! We will wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with high-quality and low-cost products and considerate services, and join hands with our customers to create a better future.


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