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Cryogenic liquid pump installation precautions

1. The pipe diameter of the liquid inlet/return gas pipeline must be ≥ the diameter of the liquid inlet/gas return pipe of the cryogenic liquid pump, and it must have good insulation. / The return air pipeline must strictly avoid the phenomenon of "convex" and "concave" to avoid "air blockage" and "liquid seal" phenomenon, so as to prevent the cryogenic liquid pump from insufficient liquid and lead to empty pumping. If a hose is used, it must be The support is well adjusted, and the principle is the same as above.
2. The total length of the liquid inlet/gas return pipeline should be controlled at about 2 meters. The shorter the pipeline, the better, and the fewer elbows, the better, and the insulation of the pipeline should be done well.
3. The cryogenic liquid pump must be equipped with a return air vent valve and a safety valve. The return air vent valve should be opened from the upper part of the return air main pipe and placed in front of the return air main pipe valve. It is recommended to install a liquid discharge vent valve. Between the liquid outlet check valve and the cryogenic liquid pump outlet.
4. The cryogenic liquid storage tank is recommended to have a cement foundation with a height of 800-1000MM to ensure that the distance between the outlet of the storage tank and the inlet of the cryogenic liquid pump is between 800-1000MM, so as to ensure the correct installation of the liquid inlet and return gas pipelines and the installation of the cryogenic liquid pump. Stable operation.
5. A low-temperature and high-pressure check valve must be installed between the outlet of the low-temperature liquid pump and the air-temperature vaporizer or filling row to prevent liquid backflow.
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