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How does a welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder work and how is it important in industrial applications?


Welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder is indispensable equipment in the chemical industry. They play an important role in storing and transporting liquid gases. This article will delve into the working principle, advantages, and importance of welded insulated liquid gas cylinders in industrial applications.

The working principle of a welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder is through the use of a double-walled structure, with a welded steel shell on the outer wall and vacuum insulation material on the inner wall. This design is designed to minimize the evaporation of liquid gas and keep the stored gas at low temperatures. This double-walled structure can not only effectively isolate the impact of the external temperature on the liquid gas, but also reduce the temperature of the outer wall and improve the safety performance of the bottle. This bottle structure can ensure that the stored liquid gas remains in a constant low temperature state for a long time, thereby improving the storage efficiency and safety of the gas.

Compared with traditional gas storage methods, welded insulated liquid dewar cylinders have many advantages. First, they can reduce the evaporation loss of liquid gas and reduce the cost of gas use. Secondly, since the gas can be stored at low temperatures, liquid gas cylinders can store a larger volume of gas and reduce the storage space occupied. In addition, welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder also has high safety performance, which can prevent gas leakage and abnormal pressure, and reduce potential safety risks.

In industrial applications, welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder is widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other fields. In liquefied natural gas transportation, welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder can keep natural gas in liquid state, making transportation safer and more efficient. In the pharmaceutical field, liquid gas cylinders can be used to store refrigerants and biological samples to ensure their quality and safety during transportation and storage. In the aerospace field, liquid gas cylinders can be used for the storage and transportation of aviation fuels such as liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, providing important energy guarantees for spacecraft.

As an efficient and safe gas storage equipment, welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder plays an important role in the chemical industry. Its unique working principle and many advantages make it widely used in industrial applications. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, I believe that welded insulated liquid dewar cylinder will have a broader development space in the future.