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What is the application of cryogenic centrifugal pump in liquefied natural gas Industry?

Cryogenic centrifugal pump play a critical role in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry by facilitating the safe and efficient transfer of liquefied natural gas between various stages of the LNG supply chain. LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to extremely low temperatures, around -162°C (-260°F), to convert it into a liquid state for easier storage and transportation. Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are used in several key applications within the LNG industry:
Loading and Unloading: Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are used to load LNG from storage tanks onto LNG carriers (ships) and unload LNG from carriers to onshore storage tanks or regasification terminals. These pumps ensure a controlled and efficient transfer of LNG between the vessel and the storage facility.
Tank-to-Tank Transfer: Within LNG terminals or facilities, cryogenic centrifugal pumps are used to transfer LNG from one storage tank to another. This can be necessary to balance storage levels, optimize storage capacity, or manage inventory.

Cryogenic centrifugal pump
Regasification: When LNG needs to be converted back into its gaseous state for distribution and consumption, regasification terminals use cryogenic centrifugal pumps to warm the LNG by transferring heat from seawater or other heat sources. This process enables the conversion of LNG back to natural gas for pipeline distribution.
Boil-Off Gas Handling: LNG stored in tanks is subject to heat leakage, causing a small amount of the LNG to vaporize into gas. This vapor, known as boil-off gas (BOG), needs to be managed to prevent overpressure in the storage tanks. Cryogenic centrifugal pumps are used to recirculate and re-liquefy the BOG, maintaining tank pressure and minimizing product loss.
Emergency Shutdown Systems: Cryogenic centrifugal pumps can be part of emergency shutdown systems that help isolate and secure the LNG supply chain in the event of abnormal conditions or emergencies. These pumps assist in safely depressurizing or isolating sections of the system to prevent accidents.
Fueling Stations: In applications where LNG is used as a fuel for vehicles or industrial processes, cryogenic centrifugal pumps are employed to transfer LNG from storage tanks to fueling stations.